St Paul’s Church Hall, Egham Hythe, Thorpe Road, Staines. TW18 3HX. [email protected] 07895 950800

What We Do

Bright Lights is a Junior Youth Club for children living in the boroughs of Runnymede, Spelthorne or surrounding North West Surrey areas aged 5-13 years who have special needs.

Registered Charity No. 1094228.

Who can Join?

We cater for children aged 5-13 who have special needs and who enjoy having fun and meeting new friends. We can only except new members aged between 5-10. Families must live in the boroughs of Runnymede, Spelthorne or surrounding North West Surrey areas.


St Paul’s Church Hall
Egham Hythe
Thorpe Road
Staines TW18 3HX


Every Tuesday (apart from easter and Christmas)



What does it cost?

We ask for a parental contribution of £10.00 a month

What Happens?

Children have exclusive use of ORBIT soft play area. In addition we have a room reserved for other activities including games, arts and craft. Refreshments are provided.

Trips are also arranged outside of the club days.  Past trips have included a weekend in Isle of Wight, Paultons Park, Beale Park, Legoland, Heron Lake, Mizons Railway, Didcot Railway and many more.

Bright Lights is a specialist Junior Youth Club our mission is to provide our members with opportunities that they may otherwise not have. We are a registered charity.

And we can invite your child to spend a session at the club. If everyone agrees that the club meets with your child’s needs, he or she will be offered a place if available, if not they will placed on our waiting list.

My child is interested in joining

Our club is very popular and at times we do operate awaiting list. If you think bright lights would be suitable for your child please contact us.